Watch on iPad, files on external drive accessible via Time Capsule


I use Infuse (5.6.1994…) on my iPad (iOS 11.2.6) to watch videos that are hosted on my MacBook Pro (OSX 10.13.3) and it works fine. I want to try to watch videos that are on an external drive which is hooked up to a Time Capsule (1st generation). So far, I haven’t been successful. I was hoping the via Network Share option would work using the afp address of the external drive would do it but so far it hasn’t. I give it a name there, type in the afp address (double-checking it to be sure I have it right) but don’t know if I need to add workgroup or username and password info. The external drive is not password protected and all files show up on MBP so I assume permissions are ok.

I only have the external drive on and mounted when I want to watch videos from it. (One problem is it might lose it’s connection when the Time Capsule is backing up. This happens often enough. Could be a network issue, could be a Time Capsule issue.) When I’ve tried to set things up with Infuse, it has always been mounted.

Is it possible to do this?

Thanks for any help.



The best option for this would actually be to set up a direct connection from Infuse to your Time Capsule. This will allow you to stream directly whether your Mac is powered on or not.

Infuse will detect the Time Capsule device automatically when adding a new share. Once detected, you’ll just want to enter a username of ‘admin’ along with the actual disk sharing password you have set up. Note, this password may be different than your Wi-Fi network password.

Thanks, that sounds like the perfect approach. Should I use via Network Share? (no entry for workgroup needed, I presume) What should the network address for the Time Capsule look like. http? afp? (What’s the best way to find it…)

PS It already shows up as a saved share but when I select it, it gives me an error. It isn’t mounted on the desktop, no icon (and I think I have things set so that it should show up when mounted. Will check.) I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on the desktop before but am not having luck getting it to show now.

Infuse should auto detect this for you, and the address would look something like: Time-Capsule.local

You won’t need to add anything before the address (EG http, afp, etc…) and the workgroup field can remain empty. You’ll just want to double-check the username and password fields.

A ha! The user name and password field were blank on the Time Capsule Saved Share. I put them in and voila!, the contents of the Time Capsule appeared. I then turned on the external drive and now can watch any video that is on it. Thank you!

Awesome! Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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