Watch Hulu, ABC, CNB videos from out USA

YES, It is posible instaling hotspot-shield

Just enter to:

But I have a Question. How can install hotspot-shield in Apple TV?

Any advice?

Thank you, MB

How To Watch Videos On Hulu From Anywhere
Hulu may carry lots of up-to-date US programming, but if you’re sitting at a computer outside the States, you’re locked out of the fun. The quick, straightforward video above details how to access Hulu videos from anywhere using previously mentioned Hotspot Shield to create a quick proxy that makes Hulu think you’re browsing from the US. The video focuses on Hulu, but the method should work for pretty much any US-only site.

I have instaled it in my Mac. Now I want to make the same in ATV. I am living in Peru and Hulu has Geo IP restrictions

Thank you for any advice.


Thank you, it works great on my mac in germany.

A solution on my aTV would be so great…

I think it is posible. I have download the archive and transfer to ATVS. I am trying to install using DVD settings, but I can not finish the process. Please send a PM to ATV in order to ask for the proper method.

Thank you, MB