Watch history / state does not sync

Hi there,

Since several previous version (including latest) the current watch state of the videos / tv shows does not sync. I tried rebuild metadata, untick / tick iCloud synchronization but nothing helps. Any advice how to reset it or make it to work again?

Note: It works between my Apple TV - Apple 4K TV and iOS version.

macOS alpha 12 (and later) use a new iCloud structure. Unfortunately, this means the 7.0 pre-release builds will no longer sync with Infuse 6.x for iOS/tvOS. Syncing should start working again once 7.0 for iOS/tvOS become available on the App Store.

If you like, you can sign up to start testing 7.0 on iOS/tvOS here.

Oh, thank you for the information, did not know that. I will sign up for beta then.

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