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Sometimes I watch a movie and stop in the middle. Would be good to have a button to watch it from the begging in a next time, just like Netflix has.

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You can click on the “Mark as Unwatched” button.

You can also adjust the resume behavior in Settings > Playback.

This would allow you to have things always resume, always start from the beginning, or ask each time.

Netflix itself does have this button for some reason, right? Sometimes I want to start from the beggining, sometimes I want to start from where I stopped.

I don’t want to force press to “Mark as Watched” because it is too slow. From the main page, this is difference the scenario we have today and the scenario I propose:
Force press > Mark as watched > Click movie > Click Play
Force press > Watch from start

If you do this from the pre-playback screen you don’t have to click movie it’s just mark as watched then click play.

You mean the screen with the movie info? Or the main screen header where the currently watching movies are displayed?

On the main screen, when you click on a currently watching movie it takes you to the pre-playback screen with the synopsis, art, and other info along with the play (or resume) button. On that screen it’s click on the mark as unwatch then click on play.

You mean then
Click movie > context menu > unwatched > play

Instead of
Click movie > star from beginning

Again, 4 steps instead of 2. Not to mention that clicking to unwatch a movie is not intuitive at all for a person trying to watch the movie from the start.

This is a good suggestion. I’ve found myself in this same situation too many times and sometimes it gets annoying. This would definitely save a lot of time.

You guys need to read and understand what James said. The requested function is already available.

Go to Settings > Playback and set it to Ask me.

When you hit the Play button on an already started item, you will get two buttons. Start from beginning and Resume playback. Exactly what you asked for.


Thank you very much for clarifying that, I didn’t catch @james last line. This pretty much solves my problem. :pray:

you’re welcome

lmao. I just skimmed through it. Thanks.

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