watch dvd straight from a mac

I tried to find the answer on the site/forum but did not succeed. 


Is there a way to watch dvd’s straight from the dvd-player in a machine/imac? I turned on dvd-sharing, but it does not show up.


If not, why not? I bought aTV flash because I got the impression that it would.



DVD Sharing is only intended for doing system software installs on Macs that have no DVD drive of their own like the MacBook Air.  I haven’t heard that there is any corresponding client for it to connect to in the ATV Flash software, but I’m unfamiliar with the black version as I have an ATV1.  However you should be able to enable filesharing on your Mac and set up either an SMB or AFP share then play the VIDEO_TS folder off of the DVD drive attached to the Mac just fine.




I am looking for that answer as well.  Have a macbook that it shows on apple tv as shared and I cannot stream dvd’s to apple tv.   Any help would be appreciated

Got it working, just go to media and look for your mac/macbook and do a search add it and when you insert a dvd go to info and make sure the box share folder is checked, than it will stream on your tv.  pm me if you need more help