Washed Out/Dark Colors in HDR? But normal in thumbnails?


Whenever i play dolby vision content on the ipad(current gen ipad air), i get everything to have a darker tint. However, if you look at the thumbnails in the video progress bar, the colors there look normal, while the main one looks darker/dull.

Is there any way to make the thumbnail colors appear on the main video?


They might be SDR or HDR to enable faster loading of the thumbnails. :man_shrugging:t3:

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Also, would you mind sending in a report and posting the code here?

Ok. I might have mixed up my apps(about the thumbnail) because the infuse one is in black and white, not color.
But my point about scenes having a dark layer that, depending on the scene, crushes detail/colors(see a separate comment below)


So yeah, if you play the video on an app that doesn’t support dolby vision, the colors look messed up, but the amount of details you can see actually goes way up. The entire scene isn’t this too dark thing.

HOWEVER, i don’t think this is infuse fault (though if you could still figure out a way to get around it, that would be super useful.

Because i pulled up the same show using native apple tv app on mac and ipad, on safari, then logged into firefox. In firefox, though resolution and grainyness was worse, the actual colors were better. Perhaps because whatever implementation of HDR the website has isn’t supported by the browser? So they were being put out in SDR?

(i first caught the difference in toward the guy kneeling on the sand in the end episode 1 of invasion. Feel free to log into apple tv app and in firefox in the apple tv site. You should see the difference) .

It says new users can only upload 1 picture, so i will put comparison down below

(SDR version in the Infuse app)

(HDR, in the infuse app)

As you can see, the HDR scene is darker.
The difference between these two aren’t that huge, hdr only being slightly darker, but it seems to vary scene to scene, some seeming to be impacted more than others

Messed up color scene from hdr(on a different app, of the first picture). The colors look messed up, but that entire 10 mins has way more detail than the HDR version played in the infuse app, which looks way darker with most details getting crushed.

Hi, i posted explanations below. Hopefully they help

Thanks for the additional info.

Can you confirm the model number of the iPad you have?

Can you also submit a report (and post the code here) so we can see a few specifics about your device and videos being played?

Hi, im not sure what information is connected on the diagnostics logs. I am a little privacy conscious.

And the device is the latest gen ipad air.

Also, this seems to be an apple issue. Because on the invasion show, the washed out happens on the mac as well, either from the built in app or when logged into it on safari, but non-dark/washed out appear (though lower resolution/quality) when viewing same thing on firefox. apple tv website must be pushing out non-hdr on firefox.

Can you post the model number of your device?


ipad air 4th gen

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Another Example:

This is HDR, see how details, particularly in darker areas(upper left corner for example), are crushed