Washed out blacks

I’m finding that the blacks are washed out in some movies and TV shows. I am using an OLED monitor, and the letterbox bars at the top and bottom are pure black but the content never gets to be black it only goes to grey. Is there a way to solve this? I’ll attach a photo that demonstrates this.

Can you check to ensure you have the Match Content options enabled on your Apple TV?

There are also 2 related items we are working to address, and you can follow these threads for updates.

Thanks, I’m actually watching on an external display via my computer not through an Apple TV. But I noticed that the blacks seem to display correctly when the window isn’t in full screen but when I enter full screen, the blacks turn gray.

Can you upload one of these video files for us to review here?

It may be related to the 2nd issue, as that can also affect Mac.

sure. It’s uploading. It seems to display ok on the MacBooks native screen, but on the external display the blacks look washed out. It almost seems as though it’s brightening the shadows and pulling out details that shouldn’t be there.

I should also mention I think it only effects hdr videos and not content in sdr