was working, now pin stripe image :(

after alot of hard work I managed to get my atv working…until today when I first noticed my remote had becme unpaired. After even more work getting it paired again the screen is all messed up - the image broken up into vertical lines and I tihnk under all that mess is the normal screen - I can see the screen saver doing its thing.

any ideas what’s going on and how to fix?

Have you tried some of following? Turn off the Apple TV and unplug all the cables and plug them back in firmly just to be sure a cable did not come loose. Follow the HDMI cable (if that is what you use) and make sure it is plugged in firmly to the TV or HDMI switch or AV receiver. Check any other cable that might be in the chain of cables between your Apple TV and your TV. If all else fails you can always check the setting on the Apple TV under Settings > Audio and Video > TV Resolution & HDMI Output. Play around with both of those settings and see if anything changes. Hope this helps you out, let me know if it doesn’t.


yeah, all the cables were firmly in place but I unplugged them and put them back in. I can’t try your second suggestion bc I can’t see the screen with enough detail. The screen kind of looks like the days of tv back when there was vhold only the image is refracted in vertical stripes, not horizontal.

any other suggestions?

just discovered that when I force the reboot to get to the factory settings when I choose the wrong resolution - I didn’t know which one was right - the image looks like it does when the problem occurs. I finally found the right one and I even ran the diagnostics which found no problem. I thought everything was cleared up but the restart brought be back to the same ugly pink lines…help?

How do you have your Apple TV hooked up to you TV? Component or HDMI?