Was Matching Dynamic Range and Frame Rate enabled in the Infuse 5.6?

Was Matching Dynamic Range and Frame Rate enabled in the Infuse 5.6 update or will it be enabled later?

See this article … Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

Thanks. Can the bullet point ordering be construed as a ranking of priority?

Frame rate and dynamic range matching are new additions in 11.2, and as such we won’t be able to enable them until 11.2 is out.

And how Netflix or ZDF Mediathek do that? These are also 11.1 Apps but switch like a charm in 11.2.

I think he’s saying it won’t be added until around 11.2 gets released. Other apps have added support (Channels that I know of) and other apps get support by nature of using the internal player (Netflix, Hulu, etc). It takes time for an app like Infuse to do it, though, since they use their own player (Channels does too but since there’s no HDR TV broadcasts they can just set the app itself to switch to SDR).

Interesting. Normally Apple doesn’t allow features from beta SDKs onto the store, but maybe something is different here.

We’ll be digging into this on Monday, and will have more news soon. If we can roll it out sooner, we definitely will. :wink:

Well,that makes sense. If Apps use the Apple internal player, that they can switch without changes now. Thought Infuse do that too. Whatever, great player, have subscribed. :wink:

Awesome. Thanks! :smiley: