WARNING ! iOS 5.1.1 is out

WARNING !   iOS 5.1.1 is out for ios devices.   

Be careful at restoring as new update can hit ATV anytime too.

Latest AppleTV2 firmware remains 5.0 (9B179b) at the moment.

Make doublesure you have saved your SHSH blobs (click here for HOW-TO)

so… here is the news  http://forum.firecore.com/topic/3418

I’m kind of a newbie to the JB scene for ATV’s. (I have ATV2’s, both running 5.1, both already JB’d). I don’t have blobs… didn’t get to that yet.

If I understand the updates in that thread correctly, I have nothing to worry about anymore (but I still should make SHSH blob as soon as I can) correct?


correct, yo.