Warehouse 13 Problem with scraping episode 13s?

I have problems with episodes S01E13 and S02E13 of Warehouse 13. For some reason, they’re not picked up as episodes of Warehouse 13 so I don’t see them in the TV show list. Both episodes have file names of the form, Warehouse.13.S01E13.stuffhere.avi (with S02 for the season 2 episode). It’s the same form as all the other episodes, but yet, they don’t get picked up. I’m assuming it’s because there’s the 13 in the title of the show and that’s confusing the scraper.

Are you using the latest 1.0.5 version of MiRow?

Yes. I’m running 1.0.5. I’ve had this problem with all the previous versions as well, but I finally decided to say something.