Wanted: An additional subtitle options

I’d like to see an additional option for controlling subtitles.
Currently, there are only the subtitle options: “On”, “Forced” an “Off”.

But I think the most obvious one is missing, something like “On for foreign audio”.
I’m Swedish, and I want subtitles enabled for all movies with non-Swedish audio, but NO subtitles for Swedish movies…

Right now I’ve set subtitles “off” so my kids can watch their movies (dubbed in Swedish) without subtitles, but whenever I want to watch something (almost always with English audio), I always have to fiddle with the subtitles setting per-movie…

Not a big deal, but it’s getting a bit tedious, and I suppose “everyone” would like a “On for foreign audio”-feature really :slight_smile:



It is a standard feature, that infuse lacks.

The way it is supposed to work is: you set your language. The app then gets this from system settings, or app settings can override default system settings. If a subtitle track is set “forced” that one is shown. If not, then if a subtitle track is set “default” then that subtitle is shown. If not (no forced and no default subs), then if the audio is not in your language (as determined by metadata tag), then an app setting takes effect to show the subtitle in your language if one is available.

The 3-valued subtitle setting in infuse needs to be 4-valued, with a new value as you suggest.

The subtitle on setting should be reserved for SDH subs. The limitation there, however, is that no container has tagging for SDH subs. Infuse could look at the name of the sub and if it include ‘SDH’, prefer that sub for the ‘on’ setting.