Want option to revert to current settings...



First congrats on your product!  I really enjoy using it!

I’m currently running iOS 4.4.4 (last one before iOS 5…) and latest FireCore ATVflash (2.0) and everything is very stable right now.  I am mostly using Plex, media player and a bit of xbmc. Using my iMac as a server over a fast Ethernet switch-based home network.


I have recently upgraded all my OSs to Mountain Lion to take advantage of mirroring… only to find out it requires the latest version of ATV iOS installed to work!  


Problem is I’m reading most places that PLEX is still not perfect under iOS 5…


So would there be a way to use SeasonPass for Jailbreaking, which would get me to the latest firmware and then reinstall ATV flash 2.0 and give it a try, but then comes my 2 questions:


  1. would I have to reconfigure all my settings? (XBMC in particular was a bit of a pain to get to work properly with my setup…)

  2. would there be a way to revert to my current exact setup if I don’t like it?


Thx in advance for any advice on this!

The Joce