Want Mediaplayer to have simple selections (movies, tv shows, etc)

I just finished installing atvFlash on my atv2.  I basically downloaded this for one specific reason - to replace XBMC.


What I am interested in doing is simply watching movies and tv shows off my NAS.  I installed Mediaplayer and added my 'Shared_Video" folder from my NAS.  However, in that folder are several sub-folders, for example:

Shared_Video/tv shows

Shared_Video/tv shows/adult

Shared_Video/tv shows/kids



Here’s my issue that I’m looking to resolve…  What I want is to open Media Player and simply be able to choose “tv shows” for example and once I choose that, the listing is for ALL the tv shows on my NAS.  Same goes for Movies.

What is happening:  I go into Mediaplayer, then choose my NAS share.  then I get a folder listing and I have to manually drill down into whichever folder I am trying to access which has the show/movie I’m looking for.  This doesn’t seem very simple to me.

What can I do to streamline this process?

Any folder can be set as a ‘favorite’, and then it will be listed on the top level Media Player menu. To set a favorite hold down the OK button while positioned on a folder.

There is also a new ‘Library View’ in the works that will allow you to easily browse content type, actor, genre, etc…