"Wall Street.mp4" parsed as Wolf of Wall Street

The film Wall Street is the second option, I would expect exact matches to be weighted higher. Is it possible this is the result of a recent change? I think in the past it might have been parsed correctly.

If you name the file “Wall Street 1987.mp4” it will find it the first time. When you don’t put the year it broadens the matching criteria and often gets close but not right on. Adding the year will help with all movies.

Originally the year was in the filename but it also included “Remastered” which threw it off.

These filenames match correctly:
Wall Street (1987).mp4
Wall Street 1987.mp4

These do not:
Wall Street Remastered (1987).mp4
Wall Street.mp4

In any case, I cannot see why exact string matches would not be given the most weighting.

Remastered isn’t really a part of the movie title, it’s a descriptor of how the movie was re-encoded so if you want remastered in the title you can use
“Wall Street 1987 Remastered.mp4” and that will work.

You can have info other than the exact title in the file name it just has to come after then Title/year combo.

I agree but what I think is happening is that in order to match the most popular titles when the year isn’t given they present the titles that have the most traffic on their site as possible matches. Just a guess but with the year it’s usually not an issue.

Infuse will use the default search results sorting provided by TMDb.

For example, searching for ‘Wall Street’ gives you the same results you see in Infuse.


If you have extra info about the movie you wish to add, this can be done by adding the year to the filename. Infuse will ignore anything present after the year with regard to matching.

For example, this filename would automatically match to Wall Street (1987) even though it has other text included after the year.

Wall Street 1987 Inception Lion King The Wolf of Wall Street.mp4

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