Waking up network drives - An error occurred loading this content

Hi there,

I seem to have an issue where, if the network shared hard drives (attached to a Windows 10 NUC) where I store my media files have spun down due to lack of activity, Infuse won’t wake them up. Selecting a movie will give the dreaded “An error occurred loading this content.” I’ve found that if I go into the tvOS version of VLC and access the share, I can hear the hard drive spin up. Afterwards, I can go into Infuse and everything works normally (until I leave it idle too long again). Any ideas? Do I have to set the drives to never sleep in the power settings of Win10, and take the potential reduction in lifespan?

You’re not going to get a noticeable reduction in drive life by keeping them running. You’ll probably upgrade the drive to a larger one before it actually dies. Drive life is driven more by humidity than run time or even temperature. Energy savings are also non existent by having them sleep.

Have you set the mac address of the server in the advanced share settings in Infuse? That may help.