Wake On Lan - WOL please

You will add another customer if you can add this feature. Until then running xbmc with wol auto turning server on when starting up xbmc. Would be easier to use firecore media player but no option to use WOL. Feature was said to be included along time ago and still nothing.

Coming in version 1.6. :)

Awesome! Just saw it in the release notes and did an upgrade of my version. But how exactly does it work? I can’t find any settings regarding wol!




Actually there are no settings to configure. Just install the 1.6 update and WOL should be working straight away.

There needs to be settings to configure which server to turn on. How can there not be settings? I need to be able to manually set mac address.

It may sound crazy, but there are really no settings. MAC addresses will be detected automatically as needed.

Give it a whirl and let us know if you run into any trouble.

My NAS is able to wake up using WOL and until now i have used XBMC for this.

I have installed aTV flash 1.6 but my NAS stays asleep when aTV starts… Wake-on-lan is based on sending a magic packet with the MAC address of the target. When does aTV flash sends this packet? At aTV startup or at mediaplayer startup?

The magic packet will be sent when attempting to connect to one the shares setup on the Apple TV through the Media menu.

If this isn’t causing your NAS to wake, you may try running a connection test through the share setup menu and re-saving the share to ensure the MAC address has been added to the share settings.

Great! It works: simple and effective!