Wake on Lan (WOL) - only on App restart?

It seems that Infuse only sends a WOL message when the app starts up after a device reboot or if it’s forced closed (with Apple TV remote) and restarted, otherwise my NAS (Windows 10 NUC) doesn’t appear to get the message. It does get woken up when the app is restarted or Apple TV is rebooted and I start Infuse. So is this true?

If not, a related question is when these WOL messages are sent (at least by design) - on app opening, or each request that requires the NAS resource? I like to have the NAS sleep whenever possible, but if the messages aren’t sent as often, I would need to make the sleep internal on the PC longer, otherwise it may fall sleep after stopping a video but before viewing the next.


What version of Infuse are you running? Infuse added the ability to perform a WOL back in the early 6.0.X releases where you can enter the MAC address of the server in the advanced share info. Do you have this entered yet?

I am running the latest, and I entered the MAC address.
It does wake up the PC when the app is restarted (either by force closing and re-opening or after it starts when the ATV is restarted). But not any other time. This leads me to think the problem is with the app and not on my PC.

When you launch Infuse (from standby, not after a force quit) if you go immediately to the Settings>Library you will see the messages on what’s going on such as syncing with iCloud, fetching content for “server name” etc. When you see the server mentioned that seems to be the time it sends a wake command. I’ve verified this with my set up sitting next to the server and it wakes when Infuse shows the fetching content for…

You may want to double check the MAC address and also I got bit by changing from WiFi to Ethernet and forgot to change the MAC. This caused the same symptoms as what your having until I updated the MAC address.

Thanks. I will check the messages. However I am not sure how the MAC address can be wrong if it still wakes up the PC, but only when it the app starts afresh. The PC’s network interface has not changed.