Wake on Lan with Plex

What is the process to set up wake on lan when using a Plex share? I don’t see the option to add the MAC address anywhere when connecting to Plex. There is no Advanced menu with this option like there is in the Available Shares section.

Unfortunately, Wake-on-Lan is not available for Plex shares since you are, in essence, connecting to the Plex server software and not a particular hardware device.

It would be up to the Plex software to wake any devices, if/when needed.

MrMC works around this with Plex by offering a Activate wake on launch option. Essentially the MAC address of the server Plex is connected to is entered in MrMC and then when MrMC is started it will send the magic packet to the server waking it up. Is this something that Infuse can add?

Know this is reviving an old thread, but have to agree with Fusgo here. Simply having the option to enter the MAC address when connecting to a Plex Media Server should suffice to be able to wake up whatever appliance PMS is running on.

So +1 for this feature request.

Just curious since I don’t run Plex, could you create in Infuse a SMB share of say one folder that is located on the server that the Plex share is on and add the mac address to that share? You could then hide that share so it wouldn’t show on the home screen and maybe place just a couple of video files in that folder so it’d get checked on the Infuse start up?

Wouldn’t take much to give it a shot.

That was in fact a good idea, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

Might check if I can leave the Plex route, would be easy but wondering about what I would be missing out of. It’s not that I would miss transcoding as I always use direct pay. Something to investigate.

Did you let Infuse complete it’s sync after starting? It appears to hit both of my servers when going through the initial sync before it shows the “Last Updated” notice on the Settings > Library screen.

Also just to double check, when you created the SMB share on the Plex machine did you enter the MAC address in the advanced settings?

Yes I did enter the MAC address, but I have the issue that Infuse keeps updating. Can test more tomorrow, as that spinning update widget stops after restarting the Apple TV so i would be able to test further. Hopefully Apple hurry up approving the next update to solve update issue.

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