Wake on lan not working

Hi there,

It seems that infuse 5.6.3 on my Apple TV 4K isn’t able to wake my synology ds 218+ from sleep via wake on lan. When my nas is asleep and I try to access it’s shared video folder I get an error message that infuse cannot connect to the folder. My expectation was that infuse sends a magic packet to the nas, but obviously that’s not the case or it doesn’t work: The nas stays asleep.

Just for the record: the synology’s wake on lan feature is enabled and works perfectly with apps like WOL on the iPad. In infuse, the video folder is shared by using SMP.

Any advice is welcome.


Surprisingly, infuse 5.6.3 is able to wake up my windows 10 based home server via wake on lan. However, still no success with the Synology NAS.

During the weekend, I’ve experimented with various setups of my Apple TV and tested various apps that provide the wake on lan feature.

That’s what I’ve found out:

  • Infuse 5.6.3 isn’t able to wake up my synology Disk Station 218+ from sleep. It doesn’t matter if the nas’ drive is mounted via upnp/DLNA or via smp. Further, it doesn’t matter whether the Apple TV is connected via Ethernet or wireless.

  • I purchased the app “wol - wake on lan” by Martin Hettiger (https://getapp.cc/app/1099457570) and installed it on my Apple TV. This simple app instantly managed to wake the synology from sleep. The only thing I had to do was to enter the MAC address of the nas.

  • Conclusion: Wake on lan works on the Apple TV, but is not properly implemented in infuse.

I would kindly ask the infuse developers to provide a working wake on lan functionality in one of the next updates of the app because this is a key feature for everyone who owns a Synology NAS.

Thank you.