Wake on Lan Magic Packet to be sent not just on App Open

Hi there.

With reference to my post over in the Streaming and Network forum I wanted to suggest a change it seems a few people have got behind.

When you have configured Wake on Lan at the moment Infuse applications (iOS tvOS, macOS) only sends the Magic packet when you first open the app, this will successfully wake up a media server but it does not account for all scenarios and I believe it will be a simple change but very beneficial to many users to also send the WOL magic packet when you select a title.

This accounts for if your media server goes into sleep mode whilst you still have Infuse open, there are various examples of how this can happen but mainly if an entire title caches within a short amount of time but the length off the title exceeds the sleep time of your server. Once you return out of the current title and select a new one Infuse will not wake up your server.

Alternatively you could set a crazy long sleep time on your server but if you are trying to save on the price of power at the moment (which is crazy) you could set a 30 minutes sleep timer on the server and even if the server goes to sleep it will wake up when the next title is selected. It doesnt matter if there are wasted WOL packets hitting the network card if the server happens to be on, it has no effect at all.

In summary the changes would be requested as below:

1: Infuse sends a WOL packet to your media server when attempting to call media/title (every time)

In this scenario if at any point your server has gone to sleep whilst watching content already cached to the client device, then Infuse will ‘re’-wake up your fileserver and wait for it to become available

2: Upon returning to the main menu Infuse always refreshes the library, at least it seems to judging by the whirling thing in the top right…so…add in whenever the library attempts to refresh also a WOL packet

Number One will cover most bases for people.

It seems like an easy bit of code to inject via dev but I promise the benefits will be great!

Thank you


I support this request.

I use a NAS that I send to sleep at midnight and wake when needed with an app, as I never actively shut Infuse on my Apple TV, Infuse doesn’t send an WOL Packet when I request a file.

The second suggestion from Naylor, send a WOL Packet each time the library refreshes would help me a lot. :slight_smile:

Probably isn’t the place to discuss this but according to Infuse Support they have some logic that should keep fileserver awake if infuse is open however not actively pulling a file from a server. This wasn’t working for me and I found my own FIX and was posted here: WOL Feature only sends packet on Client App startup - #37 by naylor2006

Basically I have a script on Windows fileserver that checks if someone/thing is connected to my FTP server, if they are, even when idle my machine will not sleep, if there are no connections present then the server will go to sleep after 10 minutes. Of course that script wont be suitable for NAS but interesting in theory I guess.

In your scenario however surely you switch off the Apple TV after a period of time? This would kill infuse so next time you turn on your ATV and open infuse, even if its sitting there in the app switching it will send the WOL packet as as far as infuse is concerned you are re-opening it. I tested all the scenarios. Like if I have Infuse open on my screen on the ATV then I kill the Apple TV using the remote without returning to the tOS home screen…the next time I open my Apple TV infuse is already there and it wakes my machine up. SO long as you add your network adapters MAC to the advanced tab of the share options in Infuse.

So given your scenario I would have thought that although your Infuse app isn’t closed surely your ATV is and this would in affect close Infuse even if the stub was there in the app switcher. One of the other tests I did was to switch off background app refresh on Infuse, this ensured that if it was placed into the background app switcher it would effectively be closed, thus sending a WOL next time it opened.

You can do away with waking your NAS up via an app at least for Infuse if you configure the WOL.

Does this make sense or do you have a more unique problem?