Wake on lan for iOS/tvOS 11+

Just wanted to check on this, has there been any updates?

I read through the article James had posted, so it seems the ip addresses are still available to be seen. I keep my servers ip address fixed. Shouldn’t WoL work in this case, if the functionality exist in the app?

Moving this to suggestions for now.

As of iOS 11, apps are no longer able to detect the MAC addresses of other devices it sees on the network. The MAC address is the part that is required in order to enable WoL and send the “magic” packet. Generally, WoL is not required to actually wake a device but it can help speed up the process.

The only option we have is to add a manual field that is available when setting up the share, where the MAC address can be entered, and this is what we are considering adding in a future update.

its nice to know that you delete posts! great company

This would be awesome! Please do consider it!

I think people who are technical enough to know WoL exists wouldn’t mind tracking down the MAC address themselves. I actually created this account just to say I’d love to see this feature added. In a perfect world, under add shortcut -> “via Network Share” ->“Add Share” add an additional field for a MAC. I wouldn’t mind entering it, if infuse could remember it per shortcut I create.

any news?

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Hi… Do we have any progress on this? I think it´s clear Infuse will not be able to detect the MAC of the NAS device, but having the option to add the MAC address manually so send the WoL package to the NAS device will really be helpful

James, the device can be put on hold and on sleep. On hold works fine (with the 2-3 seconds delay of course) but sleep mode saves much more energy, specially during the nights and days out of home…

Thanks for the support on this


Frankly speaking, I don’t understand why they don’t add this simple feature.

Years later…


This has been added to 6.0.5 roadmap

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This is great news!

It would be cool if infuse could automatically wake up the nas if a movie is selected that is stored on its hdd.

Can’t wait for this feature to appear!

I’m now on 6.0.5 and still no wake on lan. Am I missing something?

Take note that this thread is marked “Pending” that means that it’s in the works and is targeted for an upcoming release. At this moment it’s in the works for version 6.0.6 but depending on the big picture it may or may not slip a release or so. You can track the progress here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

New Advanced settings menu (with port and MAC address options) coming in 6.0.7. :wink:

6.0.7 has been submitted to Apple and will be available soon. :slight_smile:

Just tested the new wake on lan Feature, works perfectly! Incredible! Thank you so much!

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