Wake on lan for iOS/tvOS 11+

Hi all,
Does the latest infuse 4 support wake on lan and if so how does it work.

I can’t see any options for it in the settings.

When my server is sleeping going into a share on infuse just shows the spinning icon. Server never wakes.

I found an older forum post where someone said infuse does support wake on lan but no further info was give.

Can anyone help?


Does this work for anyone? Am I missing something really obvious?

Cant believe I am the only one that this isn’t working for.

I see no settings or anything and the infuse app will not wake up my windows shares from sleep, using SMB.

Is this even possible with ATV?

Wake-on-LAN is supported in Infuse, though the server needs to have it enabled as well.

I’m not sure if Wake-on-LAN is enabled by default in Windows, but I found this guide on how to enable it in Windows 10.

Hi James,

I have a Synology with WOL enabled.
When I lunch Infuse and go to my favorites, the NAS don’t wake up. With a dedicate WOL app, WOL works great with my NAS.
Am I missing a conf on Infuse to enable WOL ?


Mine is a Windows 7 pc with shared drives. Xbmc and wake on pan app on my Mac both wake the pc fine. Infuse doesn’t seem to do anything

Hi James,
This doesn’t work, I’ve tested again tonight. Despite many other devices on my network waking up my PC i checked those settings you linked to and it is all enabled.

I just get the Infuse error screen when accessing favourites that are using the sleeping share.

Please help as its a pretty big stumbling block for me…


Hi !

Does anyone succeded to work this fonctionnality ?

Thanks !

Little up ! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure this has been working for me in the past but oddly it doesn’t seem to work now with my Mac.

Can’t test with my synology at the moment as I’m in the middle of a big backup but once that’s done I’ll test that again as well.

Abu Update from staff ???

Doesnt work Edith ny synology NAS!

We’re looking into this.

For those having trouble, is the device not waking at all - or is just waking slowly?

NOT at all. Other apps work fine :frowning:

Hi James, My NAS (Syno) don’t wake up at all (I waited few minutes but no results :frowning:

Thanks for your help !

Not at all for me. What’s odd is that when you go into a faveourite share that’s asleep the error screen appears within seconds, it’s like it’s not even checking for it to wake

Hi, I have some news about wake on lan with my syno.
Since I have update Infuse for iOS to v4 it works. But still doesn’t work with tvOS version.

James, is there any differences between both versions?

Thanks !

Little up ! Does wake on lan works for anyone on tvOS ?

Not waking at all with my Synology which successfully wakes up as it always has with my Mac mini WOL script I’ve always used.

Infuse shows a circle for a while spinning then fails.

Interestingly I tested my iPad Infuse 4 app and when I click on the disk station icon Boom, synology wakes up and after the required boot up time works nicely.

So it must be something specific to the ATV4


I have exactly the same thing. It works with the iOS app (since v4) but it doesn’t works with the tvOS app.