Wake on lan don’t work on iPhone X and very slow on iPad Air 2

It looks like wake on lan is broken on iPhone X.
On my iPad Air 2 it works but take 40s to start the PC.
With a little tool named « wake » by Dave Thompson the PC is powered on instantly on iPad and iPhone !

Both iPad and iPhone with iOS 11.1.2



Same behavior with version 5.6.3 :wink:


Which version of Windows?

We’re looking into a few reports of issues with the Fall Creator’s Update which was recently released for Windows 10.

We also have an all-new SMB implementation in progress for release in early 2018 which should improve the overall streaming experience.

Hi James,

The system installed on the PC is OpenMediaVault 3.

Because the PC is off I think the problem is not on the SMB side.

Infuse don’t wake the PC on the iPhone X and it takes 40 seconds on the iPad (not mesured on Apple TV but it takes time too).


Hi James

The wake on lan is still not functional on iPhone X and it tooks more 40 seconds to work on iPad Air 2 on 5.6.4
Both with iOS updated to 11.2.1 version.
Not tested on Apple TV.

Best Regards


As iOS 11 prevent apps to get the MAC address in the arp table, I think you have to add a setting for enter the MAC address manually.
This is why it doesn’t work on my iPhone X and Apple TV 4K.
It’s still functional on my iPad because the MAC address must be saved by infuse before I upgraded it to iOS 11.
But it does not explain why it takes 40 seconds to power on the PC.