"waiting for network time" after jailbreak, tethered boot and install

I had no trouble using Seas0nPass to jailbreak my AppleTV, and then had no problem tether booting it to install aTVFlash. since the menus weren't showing up, I decided to tether boot it again. I can get it to tether boot, but it will hang on a screen saying Waiting for Network Time with a spinning wheel underneath it. Rebooting it doesn't help.

Any ideas? Should I restore it again?

i get the same thing - did exactly as you did... here i am. anyone else?

UPDATE: i waited a few minuts - let it go to screen saver - clicked my remote, dumped out of screen saver... once i did that it went to the home screen. said i wasn't connected to the internet -i simply reentered my wifi password, since it automatically found my network - and now im connected to the interwebs and i have the maintenance tab.

one down... 

You don't have to wait for the screen saver just hit the menu button and enter the network settings again. 

This is a painful jailbreak and aTV flash intall but its fun!