Wacky dvd file playback

Before the update to 3.0 everything was just fine. The dvd files on my external hd played properly using nitotv. I chose a title and the dvd menue was shown immediately. I have now updated to 4.0.3. Unfortunately I can’t play any dvd files any more. The titles and the hd are listed but when I click on a certain title either a trailer or a deleted scenen of the dvd is shown and breaks down after that or nothing happens at all. Please help me !

nobody ? and it worked so gret before the upgrade …

Has the Smart Installer been ran?

Also, you may want to ensure the ‘straight to menu option’ is enabled in the nitoTV > Settings > DVD menu.

yes, it had been run and i restarted after that. the atv recognizes my external hd and starts playing like i described only party.