VUDU works with Couchsurfer!!!

Have to post this twice because no one has mentioned this yet


VUDU will work with Couchsurfer Pro!!  I just plaid a video trailer for HUGO movie and it worked fine.  Just make sure you use SD definition.  But it freaking works!!

APPLE video on demand and AMAZON video on demand now have competition on the APPLE TV.    This development of ATVFLASH continues to make the APPLE TV platform the most universal tool to connect the internet to an HDTV. 

Wow. Wow. WOW!  It really does work.  I am logged into my Vudu account and watching one of the films I bought.  Right now.  On my AppleTV.  This is freaking awesome!   It looks and sounds great.

Would love to hear more video sites that work just as well in CouchSurfer.  Share any URLs!


I would also love a way to send/sync long URLs from our computers to CouchSurfer.  Having to re-type long URLs, anyway you slice it, is a drag.



Vudu doesn’t seem to save my login though.  Everytime I go back I have to reenter my username and password.  Kind of a drag.


Does Couchsurfer not save cookies?