Vudu Access

Seems that this would make for a GREAT option for access - Vudu.

checking the vudu web site shows that it will work for an IPAD with the web site access.  Has anyone tried VUDU on you COUCHSURFER PRO application?  Would think that lots of people had tried this but a search for VUDU comments results in nothing.



OMG  it works it works.  This is a major find.  am surprised the ATVFLASH folks do not realize that the VUDU web page for IPAD will play movies via COURCHSURFER PRO.  VUDU is owned by the walmart company, and they have lots of movies, at a competative price to anything APPLE has.


So effectively to play movies we have on the apple tv:

VUDU via Couchsurfer

AMAZON Video On Demand via XBMC and PLAYON

Apple web site for their video offerings.

NETFLIX streaming video





I can confirm that Hulu (free) is currently working via XMBC (thanks to the BlueCop addin)