VTT subtitles


Perhaps this is nothing new for you, but I just noted it when testing.

An MKV file shows in Infuse that subtitles exist (Finnish, default). However, even though selected, these subtitles are not shown during playback. In VLC on Mac these subtitles work just fine.

I took a look at the MKV file, and it appears that the subtitles in question are in WEBVTT codec. Could this be the explanation: does Infuse not support VTT subs? Would it be possible for you to include VTT subs among the subtitle formats supported?

This is sort of an important issue for me, as certain TV programmes I save and watch on Infuse seem to use this VTT format now.


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Any chance we could get a sample?

I sent you a sample file. FYI, I tried it on iOS as well, and Infuse did not show subtitles there either.

We’ll take a look. Thanks!

I’m getting the same. When you use conversion with Emby it kicks out the subtitles in VTT so I’m surprised this has only come up a couple times. Let me know if there is anything you’d like me to upload to help.

This is on our list.

Moving to suggestions for now.

Good to hear! Thanks!

Hi !
Is support for VTT subtitles format expected? It’s so widely used… (like Netflix) and all other major players support it.

If so, what version is it targeted for ? It’s not on the planned features page.

Support vtt was added not work with external file?


  1. It seems it does work with external file, just not embedded in the MKV.
    When embedded in the MKV - it doesn’t show at all (as an option to select) of the subtitles included in the MKV file. But the rest (SRT, ASS, PGS) inside the same file do show.
    I tried many files and remux with latest MKVToolNIX 51.0 - all with the same issue.

Anyone of the developers can look into this issue ? I will much appreciate it.
FFmpeg (4.3.1) is showing vvt as:
“Stream #0:2: Subtitle: none” when muxed into MKV.
And as:
“Stream #0:0: Subtitle: webvtt” when stand-alone file.
Same issue also with latest FFmpeg from git (version git-2020-11-18-17a0dfe).
So it seems like an issue with FFmpeg ? Which I assume Infuse also use to some degree ?

  1. It seem the WebVTT support (as a stand-alone file , due to the above) disregard the WebVTT parameters. Like: “position”, “align”, “size” and “line”.
    These parameters are the only reason to use WebVTT in the first place.
    I assume ASS support does take into account parameters (like “position”) and it’s only an issue with WebVTT ?

Since I was apparently posting in the wrong place asking a similar question to this in General, I’ll move it here - I’ve encountered a similar problem. Converted PGS subtitles to SRT, then did the simple SRT to WebVTT, and used mkvmerge to remove the PGS subtitles and add the WebVTT ones. VLC plays with the subtitles without problems, Infuse player (on my Mac, not yet moved the file to my live server to check my Apple TV) doesn’t even recognise the existence of the subtitle track.

From reading this thread, it sounds like I’m wasting effort trying to do it at all, since the positioning stuff doesn’t work. Bit of a shame, since my project is cleaning up the subtitles on the Red Dwarf Blu-Rays/DVDs, and the original bonus material has a lot of issues with placing subtitles over burned-in screen captions, resulting in gibberish, so I’d hoped to redo the subtitles to move the subtitles to the top of the screen, so they don’t clash.

Also, isn’t it a bit of a stretch to claim WebVTT support if viewports, regions, etc, aren’t supported? At least a caveat indicating the limitations of the WebVTT implementation would prevent people going down a blind alley.