VPNs coming to tvOS 17


Yeah, this is actually pretty big, because currently, we have to use a proxy or router based VPN solution.

If not for privacy, you can now access geo-restricted streaming content in other regions.

Yeah it’s good stuff. I have a yearly sub to Express VPN, they have apps pretty much everywhere, even my Raspberry Pi can use Express VPN app…thought it was kinda weird it wasn’t on ATV’s, perhaps a processor thing but if the Firestick can handle it then dont see why the fancy apple chips can’t.

I think the most useful positive to this aside from privacy is that you can take your apple TV away with you and use something like Open VPN to connect back to your home network and shares. All my content is local at home and when we go away I take my MacBook and connect back using OpenVPN, take an ATV instead will be sweet!

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