VPN Questions

I’m most interested in ATV Flash Black for the VPN functionality. Once one enables a Tunnelblick VPN, does the VPN functionality work system-wide. For example, will I then have VPN access for purchasing movies from the iTunes store, using XBMC, or anything else I do?

And, is the VPN functionality easily turned on and off, no restarts needed or anything like that?



Yep - VPN connections are available system-wide.

Enabling/Disabling is easy - just select the Tunnelblick option found in the Maintenance --> Settings menu. There you will see three possible choices. Enabled, Disabled and Auto-Start.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.


Okay, this is frustrating - I noted above that I was interested in atv Flash Black for the VPN functionality. However, now that I install it, it appears that VPN functionality is not supported in Flash Black, only in the original Flash. Is that correct?


Edit - My mistake, I see I posted this in the incorrect forum. Oh well, my mistake, apologies for the confusion.

Hmm sorry - your question was posted in the ATV1 section so I assumed you had the 1st gen AppleTV.

Unfortunately VPN connections are not supported on the 2nd gen AppleTV. Sorry.

Are there plans to support VPN in ATV Flash Black?