VPN IP-Connect Support

Dear Firecore,

I love your Infuse player for iOS and all its features! :slight_smile:

Although I have one request for it, which shouldn’t be too hard to implement for you.

When I connect with my iPhone to my VPN server on my NAS, other media players and file browsers on iOS (XBMC, FileExplorer, FileBrowser) allow me to connect to an SMB share on my NAS via a direct internal IP connection (let’s say, where 50 is the NAS IP adress).

When I try to do that with Infuse, it doesn’t even try to connect to the IP adress, but it gives an error by default (An error occurred - The operation could not be completed). I think this has to do with the fact that Infuse detects that WIFI is offline (I’m using my 3G mobile network) and gives that error, without even trying to connect to the NAS IP adress.

The VPN SMB shares do work with XBMC, FileExplorer and FileBrowser, so it’s not that the VPN isn’t working correctly.

I think the only thing you need to change is disabling the WIFI checker, and let infuse try to connect anyway for let’s say 10 seconds, if you put in a manual IP adress. XBMC has the same issue. SMB auto-discovery doesn’t find the shares via “Browse” itself, but when you manually enter the IP adress it does find them. The only difference is that XBMC tries to scan for it, but Infuse gives an error by default without trying.

But since Infuse is far superior to XBMC since it has Airplay videosteaming support, and all it’s other features, XBMC is not an option, in fact, Infuse is the only option out there… :wink:

Yep - right now VPN connections are limited to Wi-Fi only.

Streaming over cellular connections will be available in the next update. :slight_smile:

That’s great news! :slight_smile: