VPN for ATV2

I'm sure you are working on it, but since i'm assuming it's under the "Many, many more features to come..." section, i just wanted to point it out a bit!

PLEASE, get as some kind of vpn connection or openvpn port for apple tv 2g (black). Can't seem to get internet sharing to work on my snow leopard plus that certainly isn't the way i wanna watch netflix!...i actually hoped to find it in this first beta ;-P!


+1 on this one.

Last.fm and netflix are useless for now since I live in Belgium ... :-(

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I originally posted this http://forum.firecore.com/topic/3413 , however I did it before I had a user so I can't remove it. 


We have gotten quite a few requests for this, so it will be something we will look at adding to the package.

@AndreasHeiberg - I went ahead and updated your posts in the previous thread.


How to share your vpn connection to Apple tv from Mac OSX:

So i finally managed to get a stable vpn connection to my atv - while awaiting some kind of native support!  :P


I setup my macbook running Snow Leopard and connected to my router (in my case an airport express connected to a time capsule!) through ethernet. DHCP on everything in case you wonder.

Turned on internet sharing from ethernet over airport. I let DHCP on, even if a local IP was assigned, and just added the DNS

Turned on my openvpn client, i used the overplay.app but any other client like tunnelblick is ok. NOTICE: i didn't manage to share the OS's native vpn connection (i had L2PT) in any way; any advice would be appreciated!


At this point we wanna share that vpn connection which runs on tun0 on through nat.

To do that first let's check if it's actually tun0. Open Terminal - ifconfig. The ip you find that matches your vpn provider's should be under the tun0's inet. As you can see, ther are also the ip's (inet) assigned to ethernet (en0) and airport (en1): make a note of those ip's!

Done, let's create with any texteditor a .sh file with this content:





natd -interface tun0

ipfw -f flush

ipfw add divert natd ip from any to any via tun0

ipfw add pass all from any to any

sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1


Let's save it as vpn.sh and put it in your home folder.

BAck to Terminal go in su mode (type "su" and then password). Then chmod 755 vpn.sh (since you should already be cd in your home folder).

Now run the script by typing ./vpn.sh

If you get error "natd: Unable to bind divert socket.: Address already in use" that's ok. Just need to restart natd byt typing "killall natd". Rerun the script. NOTICE: it takes a while to quit the natd process, just wait for it and keep executing the script until you don't get that error. Done!


On the ATV side i connected to my mac's shared network and manually inserted the tcp/ip.

The en1 (airport) inet you got earlier is now needed. Probably you had to inets: a local one (169.254...) and a second one which could be something like or Great for the atv ip put the same ip plus a number ( or netmask is what you have on your ethernet but should be and as router that first en0 inet ( The DNS is just the again.

That's it, now you can watch netflix, share your itunes library, ssh into the atv, share Plex media and even remote control from your iphone!8)

If you have issues just rerun the script and reboot your atv!

Hope this helps many!

Must aknowledge evgenyy (thanks) and this very helpful source VPN sharing on Mac OS X 10.5 machine - Super User

Until a native client comes along another method is connecting to VPN from your router like in this guide here

yep, just need some ca$h!!

+2 for this one (my friend and I !)

I hope you'll be adding tunnelblck soon to the black atvflash. Please can you include the posibility for multiple VPN configurations. I regularly use Witopia VPN connections to USA, UK and France gateways for instance.



+1 from me! Netflix usage would be great! :-)

+1 here also. This is a must-have feature imo.

+1. Great... A must have.



Definitely need it to watch HULU and Netflix(US) here in Canada. 

+1 here!

+1 here . I'll but appletv2 with atv flash as soon as this is implemented and working!



THIS IS THE POST: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=43512



I am very upset about there are no VPN Settings after i have installed aTV flash (black).
There is no Netflix access from germany without VPN. So wen definetly need this here.

Would be great to hear some news or status about the implementation.

I wonder how MLB tracks vyou for blackout restrictions? Via Geo tracking as on the iPhone/iPad or billing or ip address