VPN for aTV Flash (black)



when is VPN going to be available on the aTV Flash (black). One of the main reasons I got aTV was to watch Netflix and now I can´t cuz VPN is not possible. Are you working on it?



Any news??

i am also eagerly waiting for this to get rid of one deticated vpn router out of the way !!

A++++ on this needed feature!!!

This could also boost your product…



use unblock-us.com that will work for Netlflix wich is use heavily :slight_smile:



I’ve been using this as well. Works great.



I used that as well and it worked, but it also costs a monthly fee and I´m already paying for VPN, Netlfix …

If you use unblock-us you dont need a vpn

unbloc-us and Apple TV2 is a good combination. But you still can’t play Hulu and many other video because they need Flash which can’t be installed on the jailbroken aTV2. So, you have to use XBMC with plugins like BlueCop. But it really doesn’t work too well. The only reasonable solution is PlayOn. Its a professional trouble-free product which actually works. No - you don’t need VPN if you have unblock-us


But I need VPN anyways because unblock.us won´t work on my Ipad 2 running with 3G.

But I didn’t think VPN had anything to do with 3G or 4G??

What do you mean? Sorry I´m not the expert.

Glad to explain it to you. 3G or 4G is the cellular transmission method used by cellphones. These are transmitted through those big towers with dishes and other antennas you may have seen in fields or on top of buildings in towns. Cell phone providers are now using them (in a limited fashion) for internet communication on devices such as smartphones and for the iPad. But, as you know, iPad can be bought for either WiFi or 3G internet service. Internet service goes through either phone wiring (fibre, copper) or through cables of cable-tv service. They provide you with the WiFi service you have at home (through your router) or at coffee shops, airports, etc. These WiFi transmitters have very limited range. Unblock-us works over the internet service and NOT through the cellphone 3G or 4G service. When you connect on the internet, you go through your ISP first. They provide you with an internet address where your URLs can be translated into actual electronic addresses that the internet can understand (translation table). unblock-us takes over this function so that your requests for certain geo-blocked sites are sent through other proxy servers. You must be getting the web service for your iPad through the 3G or 4G service of your cellphone provider. Here, I’m not too well versed on how the 3G service of the cellphone provider access the internet. And I don’t know how you can change the DNS server address on the cellphone. Perhaps you can or did. Anyway, 3G internet service would be quite expensive. But it would give you the freedom of total coverage wherever cellphone service is available. Ciao.

Thank you for the explanation!

I just know that on my Ipad 2 running on 3G I can connect to Netflix via VPN. I live in Germany so this is the only way to get Netflix. Although the connection is not very good while I`m on the go, meaning that I loose connection to Netlfix quite often.


so how does unblock-us.com work?  can I create a virtual VPN between my home PC and some remote PC, to allow viewing of UPNP streams (or other local streams) to the Apple TV?


unblock-us uses a nameserver to cheat the system and therefor you use your whole normal bandwith, so its faster and cheaper.

I am using unblock-us which works well, however, I keep getting an error response from the server when using last.fm. Have you experienced this? Does anyone have an idea as to when and if a VPN client will be added to ATV2?

Inherent VPN is needed for providers such as VPNTunnel.se etc.  

Please add the feature!