VPN file transfer issue

Hi all, I’m a new ATVflash user, I am having an issue that I think is a permissions issue but I’m not sure.
I have installed atvflash(latest version) on my atv, I have installed the tunnelblick app, I have subscribed to a VPN servise. I have received my config files, these work fine on my mac. I can connect to my atv via sftp using cyberduck and I can copy my config files to the openvpn folder in the libaray folder. But, when I then try and run the tunnelbrick app on my atv, bugger all happens and If I sftp back into the atv, the config files have all vanished???

any ideas before I go bald?


See answer here: http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2838#p11999