It’s been a while since we’ve seen any official comment on VPN functionality. There are questions about this in response to blog posts about each new release, and the thread in this suggestions forum is several pages long. However, it’s been some months since we’ve seen a moderator comment on the issue, and that was in December (“We have gotten quite a few requests for this, so it will be something we will look at adding to the package”).

Could you please give us an official update on this? Have you looked into it? Does it seem at all possible? Are you actively pursuing it, or should we all just let it go?


Bumping to see if anyone with Firecore will actually address this. This is clearly a high-demand feature, and it would help a lot of folks if you could give your best understanding of its actual likelihood.

+1 bumping the thread again guys, thanks again for the updates and tweaks but VPN is what we need on our ATV2’s or at the very least a reply from staff. Cheers !

Seeing as Netflix now offers different content in different areas (the UK one looks very promising) it would be great if you could run different VPNs directly from the ATV2 to choose from a bigger variety of content.