VP9/VP9.2 support on Apple TV 4K?

I know the ATV 4K should lack the HW for the VP9 video format, the one used by YouTube especially for 4K HDR videos (in this case I understood it should be VP9.2) to be clear. But I have downloaded few videos from YouTube with youtube-dl, and at least the VP9 (non HDR) videos play in Kodi (although losing quite some frames). In Infuse I get an icon, with no thumbnail. If I try to play a VP9 video it plays but then the screen stays blank (the progress time goes on, though).

I know it isn’t vital, but is VP9 supported or going to be supported? If not, wouldn’t it make the GUI cleaner not to show the icons for VP9 videos anyway?

VP9 is not support by apple hardware.

Yes, I wrote that. Kodi plays VP9 video but via a SW accelerator. Infuse doesn’t. But so wouldn’t it be better to remove the icons of VP9 videos in Infuse? They clutter the GUI for no reason.

Would you be able to send in a sample we can review here?

Sure! I have uploaded the file “Real 4K HDR - Sony Fireworks in HDR.mkv”. That’s in VP9.2 (HDR) format. It shows the icon, it doesn’t show a thumbnail, it plays just showing a black screen. Also I get a supported HEVC HDR videos (one is called something like “LG Chess HDR demo”) not showing the thumbnail, only a grey icon. But the video plays.

And I have attached a picture of the content of that folder. As you can see various videos are not showing the thumbnail. I mean, if you like I can upload a selection of them (one for each format).

PS: Obviously I am using the local metadata for that folder. Otherwise I get many fake matchings.


We’ll take a look. Thanks!

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Hi James,

any news about this issue? Typically if a video doesn’t get a thumbnail it means it can’t be played. Just not showing their (black) icons it would do. Then if you guys can do your typical magic and play all those unsupported videos as well… the better!!

There’s lots of examples on the youtube HDR channel. You can use youtube-dl to snag any of the samples.

Yes, I have got plenty of them already indeed. The problem is that the VP9.2 videos (with HDR) show a blank icon (and don’t play). Surprisingly Infuse plays some SDR VP9 videos, though. And it correctly shows the icon.