VP9 videos not play on infuse

i have downloaded from YT a couple of4k videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0asvzeLD8a8) with 4k downloader. I have uploaded them on my NAS and I noticed that with infuse (TVoS) the video is not played. the screen stays with the white spinning wheel on black background, but, when I go back, it is like the video was playing.

I tried to read them with VLC (tvOS) and it reads them.

i have attached the VLC codec infos and the 4k downloader screen to let you se what I have choose.


What version of Infuse?

last one. 5.9

Infuse seems to take issue with the 10 bit LE encoded VP9 which is the 513.4 MB. If you DL the one just below it at 466.8 MB it’s a non 10 bit LE encoded and that one will work find on a ATV4K. It plays on a ATV 4 but very choppy.

i see the post is solved. it is not clear to me if you gona solve this or not. the solution can’t be “download the other”. right?

My mistake, I misunderstood your question. I thought you wanted to play specific 4K video files on YouTube. The VP9.2 encoder used by YouTube for HDR doesn’t appear to be supported by Infuse but Infuse will play some of the non HDR content at 4K.

There have been only one or two other mentions of this over the last year that I could find so it may be in the que but I don’t know for sure.

I’ll see what I can dig up. :slight_smile:

Cool!! obviously it is not something very crucial. I simply noticed it and I shared .


Thanks for the report!

Improved support for VP9 is on our list to look into for a future version.

great :slight_smile: