Vp9 and AV1 in HDR

Any plan to support VP9 HDR and AV1 HDR ? Vp9 and av1 play smoothly with infuse but unfortunately the hdr is not displayed

Just hdr at maximum 24fps is enough for me

Apple doesn’t support these codecs in hardware… I’m guessing software decoding doesn’t support HDR but I could be wrong.

Personally I had a bunch of HDR YouTube videos that I had to convert to mp4

YouTube app support VP9 HDR. Why not infuse ?

In mp4 the vp9 HDR work on infuse ?

From what I’ve read the videos sent to the iOS app are in a different format (most likely mp4). The AppleTV app doesn’t support HDR YouTube as apple has extended this down to tvos. It’s exclusive to iOS.

Apple TV and infuse supports HDR in mp4 or mkv containers (provided the codec is HEVC). Converting them will allow you to watch them.

With tvOS 16 I can watch YouTube hdr content without any issues

AFAIK, vp9 hardware decoding in TVOS and iOS are exclusive to youtube app, not open to other 3rd party app.
Software vp9 HDR decoding in TVOS and iOS is probably a waste of time because even my M1 Pro Macbook cannot decode AV1 4k HDR without stuttering, let alone iphone or ATV4k.

HDR may be playing in YouTube, but I don’t think it’s possible to see the actual video type YouTube is sending to the Apple TV. It could very well be they are sending a special format, which is different than VP9.