Vote - FIRECORE worth it?

So after using FIRECORE I am finding that yes it is worth it.  The expense was shocking, as:

1)  I have just as much (or more) new functionality via the new purchase of an ATV V2, as I do with upgrading the software via the FIRECORE software.

2)  There is a lot to learn in how to optimize the FIRECORE software on your older ATV V1.  In fact, too much to learn. Be prepared to spend hours of hobby time, understanding all the options possible. 

3)  You will need other software to make FIRECORE work well (with the XBMC application specifically).  I suggest the PLAYON software for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon VOD services.

4)  It will save you at least an hour or two in setup and functions, and that is worth the price.

5)  the alternative free version is not so easy to use either.  discussions are not easy to understand.  Yes tech support is hard to get for FIRECORE, but it does exist, and you can keep trying to ask questions, while you search to see if someone else asked a similar question on the discussion board here.

Very worth it to me to be free of itunes only media. Installation was simple and the support page has been helpful. A no-brainer IMHO.

No buddy take it from me just GP is all you need.


FIRECORE for ATV2 not yet



No buddy take it from me just GP is all you need.



If you were posting in the right forum you might have more credibility.

Not worth it.  They say it supports usb hard drive and mkv but the stutter is so bad on atv1 that you can’t play them.

Not real pleased with the “support” (or rather, lack thereof) form the Support Ticket system. Put me down for a NO.

It’s a NO for me too!! … maybe it was good for ATV1 as others say (I never had one).  I used SeasOnPass JB for v4.4.4 firmware on my aTV2 – I didn’t gain anything beside the ugly BROWSER and a few useless add-ons (like MORE remote apps, more aps giving me WEATHER updates etc.).

The included MEDIA Player is slow as hell and never finds my SMB share (xbmc does).  Also, I was under the impression it will enable Boxee but there’s no Boxee add-on in aTV Flash (Blacck). I had xbmc running before (directly installed via ssh), and it performed better.  Now it cannot even download artwork for movies, says “CANNOT CONNECT TO REMOTE SERVERS, DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE?” – I am going to uninstall this crap and go back to simple JB + xbmc – what a waste of $30.

No. It is complete rubbish. Someone’s unfinished science project with all the glitches to be identified and solved by the customer with no customer support and no instructions. Do not buy unless you like building your own jailbreaks from near scratch and if you do, why bother to pay Firecore for giving you an incomplete and bug ridden kit when you can assemble all the bits from elsewhere from for next to nothing and will not save any time by downloading ATV Flash either.

yes it is worth it, sure there are bugs but for the low price and added funtions, it’s a no brainer… my 2 cents

I would say that the answer to this question is entirely dependent on a person’s needs.  Take me for example.  I have a library that is entirely iTunes based, but its a very large library that I have no desire to store on a laptop, ipad, etc.

I originally started using the ATV1 with Flash, 1TB external HDs in a RAID1 configuration, and linked everything through my home theater system.  This worked very nicely but I was perpetually frustrated with the inability to run certain streaming services, such as Netflix, Vudu, etc. 

After deciding the ATV1 wasn’t going to work long term, I began looking into alternatives and ended up with the Boxee Box.  This too has its limits, such as an inability to play iTunes content.  My goal was go get an all-in one system, and as much as the Boxee can do, it can’t do it all.  I then determined that I’d have to run at least 2 systems to get what I wanted.  So back to the ATV2 I went, until recently when I found that I can’t tether an external HD to hold my iTunes library without having some other iTunes device running at the same time - not what I’m looking to do.  Somewhere in the midst of this all, I decided I wanted a Sonos music system so that I could stream music throughout the house without re-wiring the place.  Since this can run my iTunes library from a central NAS, the utility of the ATV for music dropped considerably.

In the end, the ATV2 won’t work for me due to the lack of external HD support for iTunes content, and since the media players outside of core ATV won’t play these movies, jail-breaking doesn’t add anything that I don’t already have through Boxee.  With the ATV1 hacked for an external HD, I find more utility in that setup than the new ATV2 given my other equipment.

So in short, yes its worth it, but which one you think is worth the money for Flash is very dependent on what you’re trying to accomplish or what gaps in your system you’re trying to fill.

Absolutely it is worth it.  And the support has been fantastic!!!

I’m miffed as I spent $50 on it just over a year ago and it’s now saying my license has run out and I need to renew, another $30!

Definitely worth it.

I’ve been very happy with both versions, for ATV1 and ATV2. No software is perfect but at least they are constantly updating and trying to make it better. I consider that great support.


It’s a NO to me. It has screwed everything up and all I want to do is un-install it. Tech support ignores my question on un-installing the program. Does anyone know how to un-install??? The only thing that works is the Media player, which I like, but the rest is not working as advertised.

I’ve been looking at this product for awhile and while it’s expensive, the ATV v1 version does seem to have benefit to me in order to purchase.  I recently took possession of an ATV v1 after the friend of mine who owned it upgraded to a ATV v2.  I would buy a v2 myself except my 8 year old Mitsubishi TV doesn’t do 720p from external sources (only 1080i).  Since the ATV v1 does 1080i, it looks a lot better on this TV than the ATV v2 which falls back to a 480p compatibility mode.  I’d love to replace this TV but its lower on the priority list for household things to do (like replacing the 12 year old bedroom SD television).

It is now very worth it.  The improvements to MEDIA PLAYER have made the product much more polished.

Back in December 2011 I made a rash statement that this Software was not worth. I have been using it for some time now and with all the improvements and the learning curve in reinstalling it many times, I LOVE IT. I would not know what to do without it. I wish APPLE would buy the company and make it standard software on all APPLE TVS.

I apologize to all who read my Reply, It is a great product. Especially the unthethered version. I do wish I could understand why it can’t play some AVI and WMV files without the jitters.

Thank YOU FireCore

YES! Has liberated my media and the way I view on the TV.

The re jailbreaking annoyes me as its not that smooth but thats not Firecores issue, I do hate the fact that I loose all my metadate upon re jailbraking and have to load again when some movies dont fetch correctly, there are some issues and new functionality to be implemented but all for the price of a few beers on a Friday night! Cheap as chips software and well worth it imho.