Volume kicking me out of infuse

I have two Apple TV’s, first and a second generation 4K. Infuse and Apple are kept up to date.I used a Harmony remote, but I dropped it and need to replace it. In the mean time I dug out the Apple remotes that came with the devices.
What is happening is if I press the volume button on the remotes, I end up on the Apple TV screen showing me the infuse icon. I click on infuse icon, the movie appears still running.
Since I don’t see others here with the problem, and it didn’t start after an update, it’s not infuse. It started when I had to use the Apple remotes, so it must be the remotes.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to correct this, is there a setting I need to change?

You could try restarting Apple TV or repairing the remotes. Could be some issue with hdmi cec. If so try turning off power to all devices in your home theatre and turn them back on.

You may want to try covering the IR port on the front of the Apple remote. It may have been remapped with the harmony expecting something different.

If you have an iPhone you could also use the remote app there to control the ATV until you get a new harmony remote.