Volume control

It is really necessary to get a remote volume control.

I do not understand your question?

Normally one controls the volume on the device that has the speakers you are using attached.  If that device has a remote control then you use the volume controls on that remote.

This really makes no sense. I like to control the volume via the Apple TV remote…and not to see the timeline…

There are no volume control buttons on the Apple TV remote, so I do not see why you would expect to control volume via it!

It makes much more sense to control volume via the device that has the amplifier built in to it. Even if you could control the volume that the Apple TV could output via the ATV remote you would ALSO need to have volume control of the amplification device.

Some of us have active speakers so we don’t really have an amp. Also being specific I have the Apple TV connected to the TV and the sound to the speakers. Wanna listen to music AirPlay from my iPhone/ iPad Spotify or Mac Mini server. Wanna watch recorded TV play to Apple TV with AirPlay… and so on…

Yes PLEASE give us volume control - I do understand the concept that the source should control volume but like many others I user powered speakers which normally dont have remote volume control - my ATV2 is connected (via a DAC) to powered speakers, great sound but without volume control a little inconvenient

Volume Control can be enabled through the Media --> Settings menu.

Is the volume control just for Media Player or will it allow for volume control in applications such as Netflix/Youtube etc.?

Volume control is only available in Media Player.

Is there any way at all to control volume in other apps?  I’ve been reading a bit about RemoteHD which seems to support volume but no definitive information about whether or supports volume control across the system.  Like others here I have active speakers attached to my ATV and no real way of remotely controlling the volume output on them.

Firecore team - I’ll post one more message on this topic as it seems there could be broad interest in generic (not app specific) volume control. Is this something you are looking into or are you sticking to the ‘we have volume control on the media player and that is good enough’ line?




It’s not outside the realm of possibility, though (if even possible) adding volume control outside of Media Player would require exponentially more work.

I could imagine system-wide volume control could be a single reason for purchasing aTV Flash, forget everything else I’d pay for just that feature as it would save me from having to buy more hardware.

Another case of “Apple knows best” screwing over their users…  :frowning:

Here’s casting another vote for this feature…

i totally like the volume control in media player :slight_smile:

when i bought my atv2 and realized, i couldnt control the volume as on my atv1 i was about sending it back, because that is a no go. (i don’t care about the technical explanations i read all on the forums. firecore made it happen and thats great.)

i pers. don’t need and overall volume controll, it ok in MP, because thats the only place where sound is created. or where exactly do you need volume control?

youtube? hmm…


Really? Netflix, Itunes…The whole point of Firecore is to set the device free of annoying constraints, we all have different set ups. The need for device volume control stands firmly imo.

Why is it so damn difficult to understand why some of us need volume control.


TV+ATV+DAC (digital to analog converter to convert the ATV optical to RCA analog for the GENELEC 8030 speakers I have) +2 Speakers (notice active speakers no amp with remote or fancy volume)

TV ON only when watching stuff

ATV ON all the time

SPEAKERS ON all the time 

If you use the TV to control the volume it has to be on all the time and you have to use its own remote. If we have volume on the ATV then we can stream YOUTUBE music or SPOTIFY music without needing to see the picture. We don’t even need the ATV remote. “Honey just use ur iPhone or iPad”. Imagine no remotes.

Wanna watch TV then go to the TV press it on and stream the from the iPad, iPhone or even use your ATV by controling it with YOUR device. If you have YOUR phone or YOUR iPad it is YOURS you have YOUR video and audio content that YOU want you don’t have to use yet another interface to find the SAME material and consume it. The point is the tv, is nothing but a display anymore you just use it to share YOUR media with the others in the room OR enchains your experience.

NOW BECAUSE we talk about EXPERIENCE how cool does this sound:

You walk home and you are tired. You pop your iPhone and tone into a nice radio channel. You stream it to the speakers and everybody listens to it. You’ve taken a pic or two for your friend’s new baby and you pop them on the screen so your wife can see them. She hands over her iPad and asks you is this the movie you wanna watch to tonight. You look at it, swipe around couple of times and find a better one. She nods ticks rent. You do the table and as you are finished the iPad has downloaded the movie. You sit down and press play. Music tones down and the TV starts playing your film.

Now in which part of this story we should put the honey WTF is the “volume” only remote?



i was’nt aware, that there are other things as MP or XBMC which create sound :slight_smile:

i need to explore that the next time a bit more. as for me, i only bought the atv2 because i needed some hardware to install xbmc.

then i accidentially learned about MP and gave it a try, because xbmc hangs if i try to play music (just freezes the whole atv2).

thank you both.



also, i don’t thinks is difficult to understand, its just difficult to implement (for all the scenarios).

You describe a very nice utopia! but back to the world where we currently live, maybe something like this would go someway to solving your problem:




Works for me as I can use it to control my TV, ATV, Sky+ and Audio system. You can also assign ‘activities’ to the four buttons on the top. For example, on the ‘watch a movie’ button you can assign it to switch the tv to HDMI 1, turn on the ATV, switch the audio system to Input 1, map the volume key to control the audio system and the rest to control the ATV.

Pressing ‘Watch TV’ then puts the TV to HDMI 2, turns on the Sky+ box, maps the volume button to the TV and the controls to the Sky+ box.

Solutions exist, and they are not ‘that’ expensive.