Voices on 5.1/7.1 AAC Soundtrack with Stereo HomePods

I’ve noticed that the sound effects and bass are very heavy in comparison to the voices in a movie. I use an Apple TV 4K with Infuse Pro 6.2.x. Audio is played through Stereo HomePods.

The Settings in Infuse don’t allow to change anything to the Audio Output. In the Apple TV Settings I’ve left the Audio Format to Auto. When I change this setting to Stereo it’s still the same.

I guess the surround stream is changed to stereo by the apple tv, but the voices get lost this way. Is there something that can be changed here?

I believe while you’re playing a video you can swipe down and bring up the audio settings and there boost the center channel. That may help since that’s the channel that usually carries most dialog.

@NC Bullseye
Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked the option. Somehow always overlooked it… It seem to work. But the bass from the HomePods sound a bit stronger now. Have to check more movies with this setting, but it is a good solution :slight_smile:

About the only other option I can think of is to set the ATV to stereo out instead of 5.1. That may give you a better balance.