.vob format

hallo i have problem with my database films, all is .vob format /full dvd format/ and in picture freezing during streamig. i try switch 50/60 hz or auto but same freezing picture. its small grabbing but for my eyes is not good :-). Its bug or not good suported format ? thx


Which tool was used to create the VOB files? Are you streaming over AFP, NFS or SMB?

A bug report might be helpful in tracking down what’s going on.

Files are download from net, but in another media center /xtreamer prodigy with intern disk/ no problem, no freezing. Sharing is by SMB.

Ok. Probably best to send in a diagnostic report and open a support ticket so we can track down what’s going on.

How can i make diagnostic report and then where can i send it?

There is a sticky on how to do this at the start of this forum area.