.VOB files stutter more than before after update to beta6

I have a body of .VOB files that I stream from my NAS. They stuttered every 6 seconds or so in beta5 and now stutter every second in beta6. These same files work perfectly streamed onto my wifi blu-ray. Any help?

Same problem here, I can stream VOB / TS folders fine wireless through macbook, But through USB drive in the airport extreme (AFP) I get the shutter. Through SMB I get error message and cant playback dvd folders at all. Very frustrating! 

Are you on Beta 5 or 6? I have had no playback issues of Video TS files on Beta 6. My problems have been primarily having the program crash while trying to browse through my files.

I am a little confused. I believe I have ATV flash beta 6 but beta 5 of the media player. Is that possible? I can’t check because the apple tv bricked and I can’t get Seas0npass to work right now. 

Media player 0.6 was released on the 21st. Try downloading the update. Files are playing great (if I can scroll down to them). So far I am loving the update minus the annoyance of it crashing sometimes while browsing.

As of today, the latest versions (shown in Maintenance –> Manage Extras) are:

  • Maintenance - 0.6-11
  • Media - 0.6-175323

If you see these versions in Manage Extras, and both appear as ‘Installed’ you are up to date. You may also want to ensure you’re running the latest 4.2.2 AppleTV software (check in Settings –> General –> About). Some features (e.g. Recently played items) are only available when running the latest AppleTV software. If you’re running an older version, re-jailbreaking with the current version of Seas0nPass will automatically update your AppleTV to the latest version.

We’re looking into a few crash related issues and should have them resolved soon.

I finally re-jailbroke my AT2. Thanks to James for the help links!

Here is a new curiousity: Now, the .VOB files still stutter when they are their own separate file (not in VIDEO_TS folder) but DVDs themselves play fine (VIDEO_TS folders with all appropriate files inside). Tried a few ways to fix this, but to no avail. I’ve sent another bug report via the ATV2. Fingers crossed.

There are a handful of VOB related issues we’ve resolved in the upcoming version. This should hopefully cure many of the issues you’re seeing.