VOB aka Video TS - Not Working

When attempting to play VOB files (ie complete DVD rips made with RIPIT for example)…

XBMC plays them but crashes often and feels very sluggish to me.

Boxee can’t play them - it just repeats one chapter forever.

Sapphire can’t open them at all (immediate crash when opening Video TS folder).

Nito plays them but can’t output 5.1 surround.

Is anyone having a different experience?

What version are you using? Is it any different in 3.6?

Just checked in 3.6 and it’s the same issues. I don’t believe 3.6 updated the apps though, so I’m not surprised. I am surprised that Nito is not handling AC3 audio.

No matter which of the programs I use - it crashes every time I try to watch DVD files…
I’ve tried both external and internal HD’s.

Using version 3.6

Any ideas anyone… aTVFlash???

DVDs can be played through the nitoTV plugin.

We have a screencast video that describes in detail how to setup DVD playback here:

Nito plays DVD files but does not output 5.1 audio. Is this an issue that can be addressed in an update?