VNC working but no keys are passed

Hi all,

I have the latest ATVFlash 4.0.4 on the latest ATV OS 3.0.1. My ATV is one from the first generation (originally equipped with OS 1.0).

Everything is working fine, but I need now to get more control for CoachSurfer with an external keyboard. I tried first through VNC connecting from my MacBook with both the internal client and via Chicken of the VNC. With both I’m seeing on the MacBook the screen from the ATV with its FrontRow but pressing keys on the MacBook does not sort any effect on the ATV. I tried arrow keys, ESC, Enter, etc. Nothing is workin just the screen is replicated. :o

Any advice ?

Thanks !

Hi all!

Any ideas on this problem? It’s happening to me as well…
No matter what VNC client I use on my Win 7 PC, I see the AppleTV screen fine, but it accepts no input from the mouse or keyboard…



I have a newer ATV2 and all keys seem to work except the ESC key? Anybody have a fix for this?