VNC for 1st Gen ATV

Hi I was wondering what other peopke do to allow you do remote desktop onto the ATV and configure?

I can see Vine currently allows connection but is only a screenshot rather than a full working remote application


I’d also like to know the answer to this. VineServer does not appear to update, even using the latest versions from their website.

Your right! but i think that is by design tbh! it has also been noted and advised to users of ATVflash on this site too.

I would like to remote control and configure my ATV from work :frowning:

I know it’s been posted that it does not refresh, but I also know that several months ago when I first got my AppleTV and before I decided to purchase aTV Flash, I had loaded some various hacks and software onto my AppleTV when I was testing it that allowed the ARD or VNC to work correctly with full refresh and control. For the life me I can’t figure out what I did to get that to work properly.

Right now, I use Remote HD to control and access my AppleTV, which is fine, but I can only control it from my iPhone, not from my Mac. I’d like to be able to do some things from my Mac. In addition, this does not work when I’m at work, I have to be on my local network for it to work properly.