VNC client for desktop Screen Extender

I've been looking over AirDisplay, ZoneScreen, ScreenRecycler, JollyVNC. And was hoping perhaps a VNC client could be included. Nothing sophisticated, just something that can scan the subnet and "find" listening IP addresses on typical VNC server ports, perhaps resolve their names and present a list that could be "picked" from the remote. Well thumbnails would be cool too.. maybe it connects to any "open" vnc servers and snaps a thumbnail for cover art that can be browsed like a Movie or TV Show.. that would be a really good way to identify a desktop, select it and bring it forward. I think the style would mesh with the current menus nicely.

That way something like AirDisplay ect.. could be run on a Windows PC or Mac PC and a video driver installed that acted as a VNC server.. the AppleTV could then "connect" to this extended screen space and become a second monitor for work or presentations. But even if you didn't have a special "screen video driver" vnc extender server.. just running plain old TightVNC on windows, mac, linux (any os even TinyDOS or QNX) could serve up the desktop and "mirror" it to the big screen.. super simple. I bet Steve Jobs would even use it.

Best of all think about Proxmox or any virtual machine "farm" if the vm's are configured to serve up sessions.. you could "Browse" by hitting "rescan" and get a "Fresh" set of snapshots to choose a VM to pull forward. Coupled with BTstack bluetooth keyboard and mouse.. it would be an incredibly cheap portable, wireless, kvm system in a tiny black box.

Since the AppleTV is already wired and wireless it would be the best of both worlds.

If you want an absolute "secured" screenspace use a cross over cable or private switch.

If your in a conference room.. or at a conference.. and want to do a presentation.. just pull out your AppleTV and hook it to a projector with HDMI or a big LCD panel.

If your in a meeting room with multiple presenters, master of ceremonies can pass the AppleTV remote around and presenters can take turns selecting their extended desktop.. be it Windows or MacOSX to show their presentation.

The presenters wouldn't have to worry about installing their software on another machine, hardware, software compatiblity or capacity.. risk virus infections.. or hunt down KVM cables or converters.

JollyVNC seems to have proven that fast VNC clients are possible and fast enough to present multimedia.


P.S. Just to make it more likely. This feature excites me enough that I've decided to throw in some of my own time to try and create the App if not get it into FireCore. But I'm a total newbie to development for the iOS platform, if there are tutorials or recommendations, I'd gladly listen and appreciate the advice.


Well so far the research into writing apps has been disappointing.

It seems there is something called an iosurface 1, which a screen capture can "read" but I have no idea if it can be written too.

XBMC "might" have figured out how to bypass the AppleTV app and directly write to the screen, but that's an app that's probably far to sophisicated for me to ever figure out. There have been some requests and discussions about writing an XMBC vnc plugin, but they were trounced quite a bit under the banner of what XBMC "is not" and "will not be allowed to become" essentially "it's not an operating system" and it "will" have its plugins currated by the principle developers for "appropriateness". Despiriting and dissapointing.

At the velocity Apple seems to be traveling these days, may just be a matter of time before a new software or hardware release includes a vnc or ard client, making this a non issue.