VNC Client configured for Reverse Connection

A pre-installed VNC client pre-configured to allow reverse connections would allow users to easily / remotely display an OSX desktop via the ATV (i.e. it would essentially mirror the display on a MBP or MacPro onto the ATV). I frequently have the need to walk someone through a presentation or do a quick software demonstration, and would love to be able to use the projector to which my ATV is connected w/o having to cable-swap.

I plan on doing this manually using one or more of VineServer, JollyFastVNC and/or Gitso; however, including this on your patchstick would provide a very useful feature for numerous other ATV users.

I would love this feature on my ATV2 I’ve been looking for hours on how to do this.

Yes please.  I can currently connect/monitor via Remote HD on my iPad.  I would much rather do this on my MacBook Pro.  Any tips on how to VNC over would be great.

Any movement on this? Seems like “VNCviewer -listen” (from RealVNC) would do the trick. Firecore? :slight_smile: